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Some Common Questions About My Services

Do you take insurance?

I am in network with BCBS IL PPO.  However, if you are not in this network we can attempt to authorize benefits that are out of your network.  I can also provide you with an itemized list of services rendered complete with appropriate codes for you to submit the claim to your own provider.  

Will my insurance cover your services?


Unfortunately there is no guarantee that anyone's insurance will cover my services.  Please check with your insurance provider prior to our first session and inquire about your mental health benefits, deductible, and copayments.  If you are out of network or intend on paying out of pocket you have a right to know those fees both orally and in written form.  In compliance with the No Surprises Act you can click the following link to read about your rights for a realistic preview of costs prior to services.  If this applies to you go ahead and click the link below.

I'm feeling apprehensive about reaching out, is there anything that might help me feel less anxious?

Absolutely!  So many parents, teens, and children are scared to reach out and seek services.  They know something is wrong, and they feel a lot of pain but are either ashamed, anxious, or unsure.  The best advice I can give on this is to take a deep breath and contact me in the way that feels most comfortable.  You don't have to call,  you can e-mail, or even text me.  

What is the first session like?

Your comfort is important.  Because of this the first session involves a comfortable, open, and nonjudgmental atmosphere in which we meet and talk.  I'll take a few notes, and you can tell me whatever you feel comfortable telling me.  Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.  I'll do my best to take time to answer each of them.At the end of our first session I'll give you my analysis and recommendations based upon you, your partnership, or your family's presenting needs.  We will then make a plan and begin the process of positive change.  I'll try to make appointments that are convenient for you and your family.

What are some signs that my child might need help?

Children who need help may express any of the following:

- Homework avoidance / refusal

- Angry outbursts at home or in school

- A lack of friendships

- Difficulty with focus

- Lack of follow-through on important tasks

- Excessive video game playing

- Avoidance of social situations

- Expressions of extreme worry

- Continued and persistent difficulty in a subject

- Chronically losing and misplacing important items

- Difficulty completing an age-appropriate number of steps

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