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When I was a child I experienced severe separation anxiety for years. I also struggled with spelling. I could sound the words out, read very well, and speak the words correctly. However, if someone told me to write them I was at a loss. The words were wrong, even if I thought they were right.  I felt bad, stupid, and different.

These two struggles made my personal, school, and family life much more difficult both emotionally and socially until I entered 8th grade and saw a therapist for the first time. All we did was sit, and talk, and I found her warm, guiding, and inviting. Because of her understanding of me I also worked with another professional tutor who was patient, loving, and helped me with my spelling. One of them helped me conquer my anxiety, and the other helped me conquer my learning delay.

These experiences are the foundation of my passion for this work. I was helped, and so I wish to help others. Those two helpers are a big part of the reason I achieved my doctorate so many years after I knew them. Those two wonderful women provided solutions to me when I needed them so badly.

So now I offer solutions to you, your marriage, and your children in an honest effort to recreate what helped me.

A Little More About Dr. Matt

Dr. Matthew William Hefferon graduated from Marquette University with a degree in psychology.  He earned his Master's Degree and Doctorate in clinical psychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.  Dr. Matt is a licensed clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist trained in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, developmental delays, and learning disorders.  He has spent the last 8 years providing psychotherapy, testing, and school consultation for children, teenagers, and college-age students.  

Dr. Matthew Hefferon

Psy.D. / M.A. / Neuropsychologist 

Some Information About My Space

3139 N. Lincoln Avenue

Some people find it helpful to know what a place might look like before they go.  If you have a teen or a child who is hesitant you can show them a picture of me (above), and a picture of my space to the left.  It is a quiet and distraction-free space that has toys, crafts, and games that can help your child feel more comfortable.  Testing is also done in this space which I think is very personable and warm.  There is also a comfortable waiting room with water, coffee, tea, and some toys/games to pass the time.

Entrance to the office is on Lincoln through a big red door, under a red awning that reads "offices."  There is also a paid parking lot behind the building.  I'm on the second floor in unit 222B.

What I Offer

I offer a complete set of psychological interventions for your child, marriage, or family.  I also offer a promise: that I will give you the highest degree of effort, and the highest quality of mental health care.

My Mission

It is my mission to provide total mental healthcare to my clients.  This means a steadfast dedication towards the application of the most cutting edge psychotherapy, counseling, and systems intervention.  Collaboration, empathy, and care are my foundations because that is what helped me.

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