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Helping you and your family turn despair into happiness, worry into confidence, and anger into cooperation.

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Learning Disability Resources

Monday, September 10, 2023


LDA of America is an excellent resource for kids with LD

Children's Mental Health ACMH

Another excellent general resource for children's mental health.


I provide academic and psychological testing for children, teens, and college-age students.  The testing is comprehensive and life-changing.

Academic and Psychological Testing
Family Therapy

Child therapy is a cornerstone of this practice.  I provide a safe, honest, and caring environment for your child to grow, change, and experience wellness.

No child exists in a bubble, and because of this I offer complete family mental health intervention that involves every member of the family working together.

Child Therapy

I also work collaboratively with individual adults who are suffering with sadness, anxiety, anger, or other mental health problems that are either related or unrelated to children, family, or marriage.

Individual / Adult Therapy

A guide to mindfulness which is really great stuff!

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